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Project Title:
Connect Nature

Project Descirption:
First of all, a GIS model was created, which aims to calculate the general course of the corridors as accurately and in as much detail as possible using a least cost path algorithm. In a next step, the results of the GIS model were used as a basis for further expert work. This offers the possibility to additionally take into account local specifics as well as findings from workshops, etc.

Contact person: 
Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
H85700 Institut für Geomatik
Franz Suppan, Mag.

H83200 Institut für Wildbiologie und Jagdwirtschaft (IWJ)
Alfred Frey-Roos, Dr.rer.nat.


Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität,
Innovation und Technologie (BMK)

Radetzkystraße 2, 1030 Wien - E-Mail:
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